Hey There! We are Paint & Tonic, a quirky brand that focuses on handpainted drawings and illustration prints! All our prints are authentic and a pure reflection of the artist's creativity!

We've got bags and t-shirts and diaries and a whole lot of things that will catch your attention!

The Paint & Tonic Recipe

What do you get when you combine a flair for quirk with an air of easy-going sophistication? Paint & Tonic! It's a brand-new brand that is focused on designs that stand out and are a dedication to the craft of illustrations and paintings.

The highlight of this brand is the fact that these designs are all hand-drawn. Once the design is completed and deemed to be worthy, it is processed for printing on to different goods and products that you see.

You might notice that these designs defy categorisation.

This wide range of artistic influences and references is completely intentional. You could say it is part of what makes this brand so quirky; you'll never know just what we'll come up with next. In fact, half the time, even we don't know really know until we've created it!

So whatever your quirk is, we're sure that with Paint & Tonic, you're definitely going to find something you'd love to take home with you.